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keskiviikko 23. elokuuta 2017

Australia's Public Enemy Number 1

When staying in Australia I read a book about the Aussies and their culture, just to get to know and understand them better. It was my third time in the country, but I thought it wouldn't do any harm if I knew a little bit more. The book was Cultureshock! Australia by Ilsa Sharp. Check it out if you want to explore Australia.

One of the things in the book was that Aussies have a good sense of humor and you can laugh at just about anything. Except Gallipoli! Never joke about Gallipoli! Ok, I understand. That's not a thing to make jokes about. For you who don't know about Gallipoli, read Gallipoli Campaign. I'm sure I won't joke about that with my Aussie friends.

Later, we visited the local RSL, because they had a great club house and an old helicopter on a stand at the yard. It was a Huey from the Vietnam war. It was restored very nicely and the park around it was very moving. The little boys were very excited.

All of a sudden, the 3-year-old says to me: "Daddy, I need to go! I really need to go! I need to go now!" Ok, when he says that, we're in a hurry. I looked around me and estimated the distance to the nearest rest room. That would have been in the club house. We weren't members and I wouldn't have time to explain to the people at the door that we need to be in the lavatory in the next three seconds or there will be a disaster including wet shorts, wet sandals, a wet little boy and probably a wet daddy.

So, I grabbed the boy and started to look for a tree in a quiet place where we could quietly get rid of the problem. There was a path leading away from the helicopter and I started to follow it carrying the boy. The path lead to a very peaceful place with a lonely tree. I thought this would be a perfect place, nobody would see us. I told the boy to take his pants down and do the thing.

While the boy's relief was growing, I took a closer look at the place and the tree. I spotted a sign on the ground. It said something like this: "This tree was brought from Gallipoli and planted here to commemorate..." Aaargh! It's a Gallipoli tree! My son has just peed on the Gallipoli tree!

I picked up the boy and rushed back to the rest of the family looking over my shoulder if somebody had seen us. I was sure there would be a first page story in the local newspaper tomorrow: "Tourists dishonor the Gallipoli tree!".

I'm so sorry! I didn't know it was the Gallipoli tree. The little boy just had to go. We didn't mean to dishonor anything.  Please, let's be friends again, the people of Australia!

Canon EOS 50D

My war horse for a few years now has been the Canon EOS 50D body. It's a wonderful camera. It has an aluminium alloy body, which makes it very durable. It takes 6.3 frames per second, which is perfect for me.

I know the body is old, but I wouldn't want to switch to a newer one. It could have a bit more megapixels and higher ISO numbers, but it's very simple to use and it has everything I need.

You can find more details about the camera here.

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