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keskiviikko 16. elokuuta 2017

Dangers of night photography

I was traveling in Spain with my family a couple of years ago. Costa Del Sol is really a place to visit. I hope to get back there soon.

One night I was taking the garbage out and I noticed a scooter parked outside a football stadium. The street light was creating beautiful lighting with reflections and shadows over the bike. The street was empty, I was all alone. A perfect night photo! Unfortunately I had left my DSLR indoors. I only had my phone with me.

I took a photo of the scooter with my HTC Desire Z's camera. The phone was state-of-the-art back at those days. But I had forgotten the flash on! All of a sudden the whole street was filled with light. I damned my memory and quickly turned the flash off. I was preparing myself for a serious night photo session with the phone.

Suddenly I heard somebody shouting behind me. I paid no notice and kept taking photos. Then I noticed the sounds were coming closer. A big Spanish guy was approaching rapidly. At this point I realized the guy was shouting at me. He came to me and started to speak Spanish quite loud. He seemed to be very annoyed by something.

Now. I have a very limited vocabulary of Spanish. I can greet, thank and say good bye to people. That clearly wasn't enough in this situation. I didn't understand a word what this huge, angry man was trying to tell me. I tried to ask if he spoke English, but he didn't even understand the question.

The man kept pointing me and the scooter. I was getting very anxious, but managed to understand that he wanted to know, why was I taking pictures of the bike. I used all my language skills to ensure him that I'm just a photographer. I showed him my phone and made gestures like I was taking pictures.

The man seemed to calm down and he stopped the Spanish word flow. I was sweating nervously in the Andalusian night and wondering, what might come next. Suddenly the man said something like 'OK' and walked away. My relief was enormous.

I think the man was the father of the bike's owner. He might have been worried that I was going to steal the bike or something. Anyway, I didn't stay to find out, but ran to my hotel room.

If only I had had my portfolio and my camera with me. I would have been a much more convincing photographer.

HTC Desire Z

Just a few words about this old phone.It was my first Android phone and I was immediately very impressed. I was a bit suspicious about the touch screen usability at those days and wanted a phone with a keyboard. The HTC Desire was the only one with a keyboard sliding under the phone. Very handy when writing messages!

But the best thing about the phone was the camera! It didn't have too many megapixels (5), but the camera app was very fast. And the phone even had a special button for the camera shutter. It worked almost like a point-and-shoot-camera!

And the phone is very durable. I still have it. The Gorilla glass has very little marks of usage. And the phone has been through a lot! Although it has the Android version 2.3 I still think I could use it as a spare camera.

More details about the camera - I mean phone - here:
HTC Desire Z


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