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torstai 7. syyskuuta 2017

Always, always take your camera with you

I've been a Disney fan all my life. I just love the movies, the comics and the theme parks! Our little kids are a perfect excuse to visit the parks

So, we went for a family holiday to Disneyland Paris years ago, because the kids wanted to see the 'Mickey Mouse Land'. Daddy didn't say no. Let's go! As quick as possible!

The kids were just tiny back then and we couldn't take the early morning flights unless we stayed in a hotel nearby the airport. We stayed at a hotel in Oulu for a night before flying to Paris via Helsinki.

I'm not mentioning any hotel names, but that wasn't the best night we've spent in a hotel. My wife is a light sleeper and we asked for a very quiet room as usual. They gave us a nice suite in the top floor. The room had a private sauna and all. Everybody was very happy and ready for the soft bed, eagerly waiting for the flight to Paris tomorrow.

The hotel happened to have a night club in the ground floor. Back at those days there was an interesting peace of music popular in Finland: Pensselisetä! And the night club had a karaoke set. It seems that the customers of the night club wanted the whole city of Oulu to hear how beautifully they could interpret the bloody song.

So, none of us could get much sleep that night. Early in the morning we flew to Helsinki and from there to Paris. From the Charles de Gaulle airport we took the TGV to the Disneyland. The train took only eight for the trip. How fast is that!

But, when we finally got to the hotel, everybody was exhausted. My wife wanted to have a nap with the baby. So, I took the older ones for a walk in the park area. To add to the mood, the weather was grey and very moist. I was so tired I thought I couldn't take any photos in that weather and left my camera at the hotel.

When we walked in the Fantasyland I noticed the park was almost empty. To get cheap tickets, we went there off-season, but I never thought there wouldn't be anybody there. We had the park for ourselves!

All of a sudden, Mickey Mouse walks towards us from the Fantasyland railroad station. The kids jumped in the air and ran to him. They hugged him and Mickey was making gestures at me: Take a photo! Daddy, take a photo!

What are the chances that you go to Disneyland, the park is empty, Mickey Mouse comes to you and hugs your kids. There's no one else there, just Mickey and your kids posing beautifully. Perfect Kodak moment! And you don't have your camera with you!

To make Mickey happy, I took my phone from the pocket and took a couple of photos with it. Back at those days, the cameras on the phones were just about as good as toys. So, of this perfect photographic moment I got a bunch of blurry pixels on my phone.
Lesson to be learned: Always, always take your camera with you. You'll never know where Mickey pops out.

Panasonic DMC-LC20 

Before my first DSLR, my faithful companion was the Panasonic point-and-shoot wonder, the DMC-LC20. It had only 2 megapixel sensor, but the Leica lens was awesome!

The camera was my first digital camera bought for me by my wife as a wedding present. I could choose the model. There were cameras on the market with more megapixels, but I thought the Leica lens would be more important than the megapixels. And it sure was. It was amazing!

I used the camera on many of our trips. It was compact, relatively fast and as I already mentioned, the image quality was superb! Unfortunately, I dropped the little miracle one day and the zoom lens stopped working.

I might get another Panasonic with a Leica lens some day.

You can read more about my treasure here.


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