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torstai 9. marraskuuta 2017

Hard Rock and Dangerous Women

This happened a long time before I had any family of my own. I was on a business trip at Lappeenranta, a small town in the Eastern Finland. I drove there very early in the morning and had a long day with the customer. In the evening I was exhausted.

I had booked a hotel at Hotel Lappee right in the middle of the town. It might have been the best (and only) hotel there at the time. I was so tired I walked straight to the reception desk without looking around.

Behind the desk was a lady who gave me the passenger card. I filled the form as quickly as I could hoping to get to my room to get some rest. The lady took the card, looked at it and started to look for the key for my room.

Then all of a sudden she asked me: Are you going to have some sleep tonight? Ok, I was in my early twenties at the time and my weary brain started to work on overload. What does she mean by that question. I'm at a hotel and I've reserved a single room. Presumably I am going to sleep in that room. But there is a woman, flesh and blood, asking me a question like that!

After a moment, which felt like a year to me, I managed to mumble an answer: Um - yes. The lady had found my key and while handing it to me she said: If you are, I'd like to remind you that we have Uriah Heep performing at the main hall tonight.

That was hardly the answer I had expected. What are the chances that a legendary British hard rock band would be performing in a remote Finnish town in the middle of the week. And at the same night I was staying there.

But now I looked around in the lobby and saw the big posters of the band all around. It seemed to be true. And, when I finally got to bed, I found out that they really were playing just under my room. I was never a fan of the band, but I could hear the lyrics quite clear. If I knew any of the songs, I could have sung along.

After one of the worst nights of my life, I must say, I'm most likely not going to become a fan of the band. Sorry, Uriah Heep.

Focal 20-08-86 tripod

I got the tripod in a camera shop at Miami, Florida. I didn't have a tripod at all and at that time camera gear was a lot cheaper in the US than in Finland. So, I dragged my fellow travelers around Miami to find me a cheap but sturdy tripod. We finally found the Focal and I was very satisfied with the price-quality ratio.

I have bought several tripods after my first one, but I've still got it. It's still very good with for example action cameras like the SJCAM SJ4000.

There's a photo of the tripod here.

And you can read about my adventures in Florida here.

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