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maanantai 26. helmikuuta 2018

Camera In The Shining Armor

A couple of years ago I was in Australia with my family. My wife had found a beautiful apartment at Gold Coast, Queensland. The location of the apartment couldn't have been better for a photographer! The view from the balcony was just amazing! I spent hours just taking photos of the skyscrapers and the skyline of this great city.

One night our Australian friends came over and I decided to take a portrait of us all on the balcony, with the skyline in night light as a background. I got very excited about the idea and started to set up my gear. You know, wireless remote controller, off-camera flash, lens, camera, tripod... Wait a minute! I actually didn't bring my tripod with me.

I usually leave my tripod at home when traveling. You could say that's a stupid idea for a photographer. But, I've had my issues with the airport security (read more here and here) and I don't want anybody to think the metal tubes I carry with me are some kind of evil gadget for hijacking airplanes and ordering them to fly to Finland or some other God forbidden place.

So, I only had my GorillaPod with me. Those of you who don't know what a GorillaPod is, it's a sort of a travel tripod with legs you can actually bend and twist. Without going into detail, I attached my camera to the GorillaPod which I attached to the back of an armchair. The setup looked sturdy enough for me.

I took some practice shots and when I was happy with the setup, I asked everybody to the balcony for a photograph. Everything went well and even the kids managed to keep smiling for the fifteen seconds I needed for the exposure.

When people were happily leaving the balcony after a successful photo shoot, one of my friends suddenly bumped to the armchair and tripped it over. The camera and the GorillaPod fell to the floor with a loud bang. I was sure that was the end of the photographing for that trip. However, both the body and the lens seemed to suffer no damage at all.

From that moment on, all my camera bodies have worn a so-called camera armor. It's a rubber suit for the camera body. It doesn't actually prevent cameras from breaking if they fall, but they give a little bit of extra cover. And they help with moisture and sand, too.

Horusbennu TM-2537 Travel Tripod

If I took a tripod with me, the Korean Horusbennu would be my choice. I have one and works just wonderfully with landscape photography. It's very light and extremely sturdy for it's size. If I don't travel with plane, I take the Horusbennu with me everywhere.

You can read more about the tripod here.

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