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torstai 3. toukokuuta 2018

The Good, The Bad And The Obedient

I come from a rural town in the Northern Finland. There aren't too many of us living there. Four cars in the same crossing at the same time is called a traffic jam.

So, you can imagine that driving a car in Australia, in one of the big tourist centers might be a bit of a challenge for me. Not to mention driving on the left side of the road. The navigator's voice kept telling me: Keep left, keep left!

But there we were. Driving a rental car at Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. I must say, it went surprisingly well, although I'm not exactly Dale Earnhardt.

We enjoyed the roads going by the beach. They were reasonably quiet and driving was easy. But the Gold Coast Highway had more lanes than my home town has roads. That's why I was trying to avoid the highway as long as I could.

One day we were coming back from the mall (and what a mall it was! Just about as big as my home town!). We were supposed to drive to the terrible highway, but I decided to cross the highway and drive to our apartment via the quiet streets by the beaches. It would be slower, but far less terrifying.

I managed to choose the right lane for crossing over the highway. When the light turned green (by the way, my home town doesn't have traffic lights),  I zoomed over the twelve lanes of the highway. And success, we got to the other side and I could see the ocean in front of me.

Just when I felt like a winner, I heard a horrifying sound from behind. A siren! I was sure I had made a mistake and now the police was here to get me! And believe me, I had seen the Australian police officers! I didn't want to mess with them!

Sweating, I pulled over. The siren was getting louder and louder. Then, I looked back and saw my son playing with his new fire engine. He had gotten it out of it's box and was trying out the buttons. Never have I been so happy to see a noisy toy truck!

SJCAM SJ4000 Action Camera

This GoPro Hero copy from China proved to be a very handy little action cam on our trip. I'm not exactly Action Man, so GoPros go a bit over my budget. But I decided to take this little toy for a ride. And it did everything I could imagine. I dived into the pool with it, I sunk it to the ocean and the image quality was great for the price. And I can use it back home, because it endures very cold temperatures and snow, too.

The only thing is the low level of the recorded sound. But what can you expect when the camera is well covered with the water-proof housing.

You can read more about the camera here.

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