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torstai 23. elokuuta 2018

That's Going To Cost You In Twenty Years

A few years ago we were visiting Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. The kids were quite small then. The girls were seven and five and the boy was only one year old. I used to push him in the stroller around the city. He had a long baby hair, too.

In my earlier blog posts I've told you, my reader, that Finns are not very social compared to the Aussies, for example. There are areas in Finland where you are not supposed to talk to strangers. People won't greet each other in shops or train stations. And saying something to a stranger on the street is considered as very strange behavior.

To me, the Australian way is a lot better. I loved it when people would say 'Good morning' or 'G'day' when I was walking to the shop or packing the car in the garage. It took some time to get used to that. It did feel a bit awkward when the shop clerks would call me 'love' or 'darling'.

One day we were walking from the playground to the apartment with the kids. My wife had stayed in the apartment with our friends. So, I was walking alone with the girls and the boy in the stroller.

Suddenly, a total stranger comes by and says to me: 'That's going to cost you in twenty years'. The comment came as a total surprise to me. I didn't know what I was supposed to do or say. All I could do was laugh uneasily.

The comment kept bothering me all the way to the apartment. When I was trying to find my keys at the door it suddenly struck me: She thought I had three daughters! And in twenty years they would get married and who's going to pay for the wedding? Father of the bride of course!

Viltrox JY610C Flash

 I've had many Yongnuo flashes in my camera bag. They are excellent value for the money. They have all the gimmicks a proper flash should have. But I wanted to have a smaller flash to go with me on my travels. I was looking for a flash that would be as small as possible but still have E-TTL control. That way the flash would be perfect on a trip where you cannot carry a lot of stuff with you and the TTL system would make sure the lighting would be as good as possible.

The Viltrox JY610 is just that. The flash unit is very small and very light. And it has the E-TTL control, too. It doesn't even cost much. I got mine well under 20 euros. So it doesn't matter if the unit breaks down, you can easily get a new one.

I'm so satisfied with the flash that I prefer it to my bigger units.

You can read more about the flash here.


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